Guest Blog: Quiropraxia, Quiropráctica, Que?


This blog has been dormant a bit too long, so I decided to include some reflections on chiropractic from abroad.  I am Dr. Reddy’s daughter who is currently serving in the Peace Corps in Paraguay.  Although I am not working in the health sector here I have had time to hear and perceive a bit about Paraguayans views on health, as well as my experience traveling through other countries.

When I’ve gone to study or do internships abroad in the past the first thing I like to do is Google search chiropractors in the cities where I’ll be living.  As I’ve grown up with constant chiropractic care, it’s always hard to imagine going a few months without an adjustment!

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I’ve learned of chiropractors (sometimes American chiropractors who have gone to live abroad, other times international citizens-although often times trained in the U.S.) while traveling in Colombia, Ecuador [that my sister had visited], and Brazil.  In Paraguay, one of the least developed countries in South America, I have yet to find or hear of a chiropractor.  Often times in Latin America, where many health practices are carried out in houses or other informal settings, I have described what a chiropractor does and people will say, “Uh, yeah, I think I know someone who could do that for you.”  At which point I become very interested in where they received their chiropractic training and degree.

Alas, this is the difficulty– most of the chiropractor training colleges and universities are concentrated in the United States and Europe, with a few more scattered around Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Japan and Brazil.

I recently discovered the World Federation of Chiropractic website, and although Paraguay isn’t listed, 85 other countries are listed as having national chiropractic associations, and that is pretty promising!

On your next international vacation, whether out of emergency, necessity or pure curiosity, I hope some of these tools will help you find a chiropractor!

Extra: Read more about how two Wisconsin chiropractors (Brent McNabb and Ross Royster) helped grow the chiropractic profession in Brazil!


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2 responses to “Guest Blog: Quiropraxia, Quiropráctica, Que?

  1. Although the chiropractic profession is primarily based on the use of the spinal adjustment, many other techniques exist for treating the spine, as well as other joints and tissues.

  2. Before I had ever tried chiropractic, I was skeptical – like everybody. If you’ve never tried it, you’ve got to go for a session – and see the results.

    – Kevin

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