Getting to Know WCAM: Teresa

Since August of 2014 Dr. Reddy has been sharing space with Waukesha Community Acupuncture and Massage.  They have great people who are doing great work in their office, so we’re going to share a little bit about each of them over the month of February so you can get to know them better.

Teresa Karolek embarked on her Massage Therapy career after many years as an Occupational Therapist. Many of the treatment techniques are the same, but the delivery is more pleasant in a massage! Though trained in numerous techniques, Teresa has a hard time listing a favorite as she tends to blend techniques based on the client’s goal and their response to treatment. Teresa believes that each day is a new opportunity for each of us to choose to work towards a better life balance of mind, body, and spirit. Of which massage can be one part of this journey towards wellness. She enjoys assisting clients in utilizing alternative approaches in taking steps towards this goal.


When not doing massage, Teresa has a wide variety of interests from hiking/camping to decorating cakes; from gardening to working with the high school teenagers at church. In a couple of months she is looking forward to returning to volunteering at Lifestriders Therapeutic Riding Center after having taken some time off for other endeavors. And lastly, the most important thing in Teresa’s life is doing things for and with her family!

Questions? Feel free to chat with Teresa when you see her in the office.  Interested in scheduling an appointment with her? Call WCAM at 262-547-1411.


Dr. Reddy has seen all of the WCAM practitioners for care and is a big fan.  If you’re interested in expanding your health care regimen feel free to talk it over with him!


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