Michael Reddy is a chiropractor originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1977.  In 1978 he returned to open Reddy Chiropractic Center in Waukesha, WI.  He practiced for 36 great years in the home-office he built and recently moved to a new office on Grand Avenue where he shares space with Wisconsin Community Acupuncture and Massage (WCAM) near downtown Waukesha. He is enjoying sharing space with other dedicated health care professionals.

Through the years Dr. Reddy has taken several specialty courses in light force adjusting (such as Activator Technique, KST, and Network Spinal Analysis), as well as Concept Therapy courses that focus on the Whole Person- Body, Mind, and Soul, and how to best help each individual heal.

In Dr. Reddy’s free time he enjoys spending time with his four kids, walking at Minooka Park, and practicing his newest passion Bikram yoga.


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2 responses to “About

  1. Jack T. McLauchan, RPCV, Paraguay

    Dr. Reddy, I see that your daughter Molly was stationed in Paraguari, Paraguay and did a wonderful job to reopen the train depot there. I enjoyed watching her videos and blogs. I believe I may have met Molly and Carly in Nuati, Paraguari on our last visit to that city. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a portal on the Not Lost in Translation page she created to send her my congratulations in person and would hope that it would not be an inconvenience for you to do that for me. I, too, am a returned P.C volunteer having served in that country from 1978-1980. Although I was stationed in Asuncion, I return every so often to Paraguari and will later this summer as I have many family members on my wife’s side who are natives of that town. As i had a great grandfather that was a train engineer and love riding the rails, I would often visit the Paraguari depot, looking forlornly at the large surrounding buildings from the raised platform and at the signage from the Brits and wonder what it was like at its height before the Triple Alliance War and the roads were built. I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have ridden the Paraguayan rails being pulled by a wood burning locomotive to this town and beyond. Anyway, If you could pass along my appreciation to Molly for her special effort and insight into the need for demonstrating the relevance of preserving the past and for her inspirational work while serving our country and Paraguay, I would appreciate it. You deserve to be very proud of her. Jack McLauchlan

    P.S. Sorry, I did not see her fund raising effort until I was casually browsing the web. I will contribute to the students efforts when I visit next.

  2. Hi Jack,

    Thank you for your extremely kind words. I help my dad with his website, so this is actually Molly responding!

    What an amazing experience to have seen the train in Paraguay while it was still running. It was wonderful to be able to work on that project.

    It seems there are some things that will keep me coming back to Paraguay in the future as well, so hopefully one day our paths will cross again!

    Un abrazo!

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